Remote-controlled hybrid 3x3 olive harvester

The Remote-controlled Hybrid Olive Harvester is an innovative machine to harvest olives from olive trees using the beating pole technique.

It consists of a self-supporting chassis that can move thanks to wheel-mounted motors, to which a rotating telescopic arm is attached. The rake shaft performs a rotational oscillation, providing a back-and-forth twisting pulse to the elastic rods that “beat” the branches and shake the olives off the tree. 

The machine is operated through a wireless electronic controller that allows the operator full control of the beating head and optimal machine efficiency. In this way, you can achieve 100% fruit drop since you can see the beating head from up close.

This machine’s advantages include its high degree of flexibility in movement and operation, its capacity to access any corner of the field, to easily approach the olive trees and its engine’s low power, which offers low operating costs and limits its environmental footprint.

“AIOLOS” is driven by a differential on the rear axis. Thus, the machine affords permanent 3x3 motion and can move on much rougher terrain. It also has an electric brake on the differential motor so that it stops automatically at the worksite, even on sloping ground.


Technical characteristics and equipment:

  • Overall length: 3,500 mm
  • Overall width: 2,000 mm
  • Arm length in horizontal position: 6.5 m
  • Overall arm height (vertical): 8.5 m
  • Rake length: 1.2 m
  • Weight: 1,140 kg
  • Fully wireless controller
  • Full new type 360 rotation of the body
  • 15 HP petrol engine
  • Tyre size: 7.5-20
  • Front wheel steering
  • Hydraulic tow-bar




Alissos Achaias 16Km Patras - Pyrgou Greece